2010 Baseball Trades

  1. Derry traded Rich Hill to Darcy for Koyie Hill.
  2. Derry traded Ben Sheets, Johnny Damon, and (Wade Davis) to Twaddle for Juan Pierre, Clint Barmes, (Pedro Alvarez^) and (Daniel Hudson).
  3. Darcy trades Andrew McCutchen to Derra for Kurt Suzuki and (Wilkin Ramirez).
  4. Dave traded Carlos Marmol to Derry for Mark Buehrle and (John Jay)
  5. 3-Way Deal

Chad gets: Mike Gonzalez, Dan Uggla
Twaddle gets: Nolan Reimold, Howie Kendrick, Kevin Slowey
Derry gets: Delmon Young, Wandy Rodriguez 

Chad gives: Delmon Young, Kevin Slowey, Howie Kendrick
Twaddle gives: Wandy Rodriguez, Mike Gonzalez
Derry gives: Dan Uggla, Noland Reimold

  1. Darcy traded Andre Ethier and Brett Anderson to Twaddle for John Lackey, Kendry Morales, and (Cliff Pennington).
  2. Dave traded Adrian Beltre to Jean for Orlando Hudson.
  3. Derry trades (Domonic Brown^) to Darcy for Mark Teahen
  4. Derry traded Clint Barmes, Scott Podsednik, and (1st Round 2011 Preseason Pick) to Dustin for Alcides Escobar.
  5. Derry traded Jair Jurrjens and Jorge Cantu to Twaddle for Alex Rios and Mike Pelfrey.
  6. Sulli traded Akinori Iwamura to Derry for Tim Wakefield and (3rd round 2011 Preseason pick).
  7. Phil traded Matt Holliday to Twaddle for Johnny Damon and Jair Jurrjens.
  8. Dustin traded Jeff Mathis, Dan Runzler & Travis Snider to Twaddle for Franklin Morales, (J.P. Arencibia^) & (Twaddle's 5th Round 2011 Preseason).
  9. Derry traded Jose Reyes and Jon Garland to Twaddle for Johnny Peralta, John Danks, and (Twaddles 1st Round 2011 Preseason pick).
  10. Darcy traded Taylor Teagarden to Jean for (Brett Wallace^).
  11. Derry traded Juan Pierre to Dan for Billy Wagner.
  12. Dustin trades Brian Bannister to Darcy for John Buck.
  13. Dustin traded Austin Jackson to Derry for Jhonny Peralta and (4th Round 2011 Preseason Pick).
  14. Twaddle traded Stephen Drew to Dan for Justin Smoak and Ronny Cedeno.
  15. Derry traded Rick Porcello and (2nd round preseason 2011 pick) to Dan for Troy Glaus and Jeremy Hermida.
  16. Derry traded Carlos Quentin to Twaddle for Johnathon Niese. 
  17. Derry traded Billy Wagner and (Derry's 5th Round 2011 Preseason Pick) to Twaddle for (Brad Lincoln) and (Andres Torres).
  18. Twaddle traded Jorge Cantu, Rafael Soriano, and Carlos Carrasco to Jean for Dan Haren and Julio Borbon.
  19. Twaddle traded Grady Sizemore, (2nd Round 2011 Preseason Pick), and (3rd Round 2011 Preseason Pick) to Derry for Vladimir Guerrero, Tommy Hunter, and Jayson Nix.
  20. Twaddle traded Tommy Hunter, Justin Smoak, Armando Galarraga, and Michael Brantley to Darcy for Ted Lilly, Marc Scurato, Ian Stewart and (4th round 2011 preseason pick).
  21. Darcy traded Paul Konerko to Derry for Mike Pelfrey and (3rd Round 2011 Midseason Pick)
  22. Sulli traded Jed Lowrie to Darcy for Livan Hernandez and Vincente Padilla
  23. Sulli traded Ramon Hernandez to Derry for Aaron Heilman