Ultimate Keeper League

Players in parenthesis indicate that that player was taken by a draft pick that was traded in the deal.


  1. 3-Way Trade: Dustin receives Marcus Giles, Jeff Weaver, and (Adam Miller*). Twaddle receives Conor Jackson, Andy Marte, and Pat Burrell. Derry receives Mark Prior and Jim Thome.
  2. Dan trades Josh Beckett to Twaddle for Rocco Baldelli.
  3. Phil traded Scott Spiezio and Ryan Franklin to Darcy for Geoff Blum.
  4. Twaddle traded Cory Sullivan to Derry for (Scot Shields).
  5. Jean traded Livan Hernandez and Scott Baker to Darcy for Chris Burke and (Wladimir Balentien).
  6. Beth traded Chad Cordero to Chad for Chone Figgins and (Daric Barton).
  7. Derry traded Javier Vasquez and (Chase Headley) to Twaddle for Casey Kotchman and (Jayson Nix*).
  8. Sulli traded Jason Varitek and Matt Morris to Derry for Mike Cameron and John Buck.
  9. Twaddle traded Josh Beckett, Javier Vasquez, and Andre Ethier to Darcy for Grady Sizemore, Mike Pelfrey, and Mike Gonzalez.
  10. Dustin traded Adrian Gonzalez, Jimmy Rollins, Curt Schilling, Jon Lester, and John Smoltz to Twaddle for Johan Santana, Aaron Hill, Gil Meche, (Andrew McCutchen*), and (Chase Headley).
  11. Derry traded Adam Eaton and (Joe Saunders) to Jean for Jorge Cantu.
  12. Dave traded Dontrelle Willis and Freddy Sanchez to Twaddle for John Smoltz and Alex Q. Gonzalez.
  13. 3-Way Trade: Derry receives Rich Hill, Jorge Posada, and Carlos Pena. Twaddle receives Juan Pierre, Jason Varitek, Jhonny Peralta, Chris Capuano, Cliff Lee, and (Wandy Rodriguez). Sulli receives Jimmy Rollins, Derek Lowe, Mariano Rivera, Ryan Sweeney, and (Mark Reynolds).
  14. Jean traded Todd Helton to Phil for (Jarrod Saltamacchia) and (Rick Vanden Hurk).
  15. Sulli traded Juan Salas to Derry for (Jason Bergmann).
  16. Twaddle traded Jason Bay, Conor Jackson, (Colby Rasmus*), and (Matt Laporta) to Dustin for Travis Hafner, Brad Hawpe, and Brandon Phillips.
  17. Derry traded Mark Loretta and (Brandon Jones) to Dustin for Gil Meche.
  18. Twaddle traded Curt Schilling to Derry for Pedro Feliz, Gary Mathews Jr., and (Brad Thompson).
  19. Twaddle traded Robinson Cano and Delmon Young to Chad for Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kendry Morales, and (Radhames Liz).
  20. Twaddle traded Orlando Hernandez and Dave Roberts to Sulli for (Ian Stewart).