Ultimate Keeper League

Players in parenthesis indicate that that player was taken by a draft pick that was traded in the deal.


  1. Stefan traded Joe Randa and Woody Williams to Derry for (Omar Quintanilla), (Sergio Mitre), and (Brad Hennessey).
  2. Phil traded Michael Young to Twaddle for Aramis Ramirez and Chad Billingsley.
  3. Dan traded Gil Meche to Twaddle for Ronny Cedeno.
  4. Darcy traded Ryan Zimmerman and (Jose Bautista) to Derry for Kenji Johjima, Brad Hawpe, Adam LaRoche and (Shawn Hill).
  5. Darcy traded Jeff Weaver, Gustavo Chacin, and Bill Mueller to Twaddle for Aaron Rowand, Esteban Loaiza, and (Alexi Casilla).
  6. Twaddle traded Dan Uggla and Eric Byrnes to Derry for Chris Shelton, Tyler Walker, and (Mike Napoli).
  7. Darcy traded Freddy Sanchez to Dave for (Taylor Tankersley).
  8. Chad traded (Delmon Young) to Twaddle for (Matt Capps).
  9. Twaddle traded Tim Wakefield to Derry for (Jason Hirsh) and (Melky Cabrera).
  10. Jean traded Kevin Mench to Dave for Tim Hudson.
  11. Darcy traded Miguel Cabrera, Brad Hawpe, (Homer Bailey*), and (Justin Germano) to Dustin for Alexis Rios, Grady Sizemore, Chad Tracy, and (Kevin Kauzmanoff).
  12. Dustin traded Rodrigo Lopez and Jomie Moyer to Sulli for Chris Snyder.